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Welcome to the Penang Old House Homestay, located in one of the famous tourist destinations in Malaysia - Penang Island, formally known as “Prince of Wales” Island. Penang was part of the Malay sultanate of Kedah until 1786, when Captain Francis Light built a fort at the site of present-day Georgetown and managed to get the island ceded to the British East India Company. The island, along with Malacca and Singapore, was one of the three British Straits Settlements. Last time Penang was a British colony island, now Penang is renowned as a place with plenty of famous gourmet dishes, most picturesque and romantic city in South East Asia..... Penang Island is located at the north-western coast of Malaysia. This bustling metropolis is a reflection of the unique Eastern and Western culture. Be it lush tropical gardens or ornately designed temples and unique heritage buildings such as the classic British-style villas and Chinese-style shop houses, Penang will give you a glimpse into a world where nature, tradition and history blend into a rich cultural tapestry.

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For Online Booking Please Log On : Or call to Tel 016-2820139 / 012-2379825 (KOH)

2011年7月12日 星期二

Room Rates 房間價格:

Chameleon style 變色龍造型的窗把

(All rooms with Air-conditioning, WIFI, TV and power point)


(粉紅系) 愛麗絲夢遊仙境單人房 平日 RM60  /
(粉紅系)小雙人房 平日 RM90
 (Pinky)Single Bed Room  Weekdays RM60 
(Pinky)Small Double Bed Room  Weekdays RM90


(海水藍) 天天天藍雙人房
平日 RM100
(Blue Sea)2 Singles Bed Room 
Weekdays RM100


(Purple)Family Suite (2 Double Bed with Bathroom)
Weekdays RM180


平日 RM100 
(Snow White)Double Bed Room 
Weekdays RM100


平日 RM100
(Orenz)Double Bed Room 
Weekdays RM100

平日 RM180
(Starry Night) Family Suite 
Weekdays RM180
平日 RM70
(Green Forest)Single Bedroom 
Weekdays RM70

平日 RM110
(Japanese Style) Tokyo Love Story Double Bed Room 
Weekdays RM110


英殖民式廁所, 附熱水


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  1. 您好!


    我是檳城人,目前住北海,今年底12月8日 - 14日之間可能需要跟你預定4-5晚的住宿,2大1小(7歲) . . 您會給我推薦哪種房式呢?

    感謝...Lina Gan